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Student Information


For summer programs, please indicate the student's RISING grade (as of the coming September).

Not all programs include T-shirts; this information will be used only if applicable.
Parent/Legal Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian is the person who is legally responsible for the student, even if someone else is registering the child and/or transporting the student to class.

When emailing routine correspondence about the class, we will include both the Parent/Guardian Email Address above AND this optional address.

Student Medical Information

NOTE: We will always call the registering parent/guardian first. Please indicate a second adult to call in the event we can't reach the registering parent/guardian.

Payment Information



Check here for a $25 discount if either of the following is true:
(1) I have already registered this student for another class in the current term, and/or
(2) I have already registered another student in the same household for a class in the current term


Contact SPARC

 If you do not make a payment online, you must contact the SPARC Office within 48 hours at (804) 353-3393 ext. 221/223 to pay by phone. (If we do not hear from you within two business days, we will assume you do not wish to enroll in the class and will remove your registration.) Thank you for your understanding.


There are children interested in being in your student's class who can't afford it. Gifts to SPARC's annual fund can change this. Will you make an additional donation to the annual fund to make it possible for them to attend? THANK YOU!

 Credit Card Information

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Billing Information

Terms and Conditions

Please check the box to acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  • I understand that SPARC employees take many precautions in the supervision of students in its care. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless SPARC, its educational partner organizations (defined by SPARC on a case-by-case basis), their agents, officers and/or employees from all claims, damages, injuries, or other liabilities of any kind whatsoever that could be brought now or in the future by me arising from any action or inaction, recognizing that certain reasonable risks exist in allowing my child to participate in the program.
  • I agree to be responsible for all medical bills, costs, and expenses (including ambulance services) incurred in providing necessary care to my child, and/or I authorize the direct billing of my health insurance carrier noted below. In cases of emergency, SPARC shall act merely as my agent and neither SPARC nor the staff shall incur any liability for the good faith exercise of the authority granted by this Release and Medical Authorization.
  • I hereby agree to pay the full class tuition for the class/camp/program I have registered him/her for. I also understand that collection measures may be pursued to obtain any outstanding balance.
  • I understand that to withdraw this student from their class, camp, or program, I must notify the SPARC office by telephone or email no less than one month before the start of the class/camp/program in order to be eligible for a refund. In addition, I must send a written request which includes the student's name, class name, and amount paid to the SPARC office to confirm this student's withdrawal. If I do not withdraw this student from their program prior to the printed withdrawal date, he/she will remain enrolled for the duration of the program, and I will be responsible for the full tuition.
  • I understand that my child may appear in photographs and videos taken in the normal course of the class(es). I hereby authorize SPARC and its educational partner organizations to use such images and video for promotional purposes.

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